Help and FAQ


What happens after I placed an order? 

After you place an order, you will receive an order confirmation email. Once the order is shipped, you should receive an shipping confirmation email with a tracking number if you are from UK or choose a tracked mail.

How are orders shipped and who ship my order?

Please see the page Shipping & Cost 

Do I need to pay taxes when my order arrives my country?

Please see the page Shipping & Cost 

Can I exchange my product or refund them?

Please see the page 

When and how can I receive my refund? 

The refund is returned back to you the same way as how you paid. It may take a few days for the transaction to complete.

Why do my Friday orders not arrive on Saturday?

We rarely can dispatch orders the same day. We need to carefully cut the fabrics and put other bits in the parcel for you. Please allow us 24 - 48 hrs to prepare your order. Because there are no shipping on the weekend, quite likely your Friday order will be dispatched on next Monday and arriving on Tuesday if you are from UK.

Can I combine my orders?

Yes! If you place more than one order under the same address within a short amount of time, we may combine them to save your posting cost. But we CAN NOT guarantee we are able to recognise the orders with the same addresses, especially during the busy season. Do please inform us asap by email or instagram direct message for combining orders. 

How can I contact the staff for help? 

We are here to help anytime. Please message on Instagram Direct message or email:

What is a FQ, Fat 8th, Fat 16th?

FQ means one Fat quarter. It is one quarter of one - meter fabric, measuring 50cm L x 1/2 of the width of the fabric.  Taking most fabrics in our shop, whose width is 110cm as an example, the width of a FQ will be 55cm.

Fat 8th: 1/8 of a-meter fabric and a half of a FQ, measuring 1/4 of a meter length way and 1/2 of the width of the fabric. Taking most fabrics in our shop, whose width is 110cm as example, a Fat 8th is 25cm L x 55cm W

Fat 16th: 1/16 of a-meter fabric, and a one quarter of a FQ, measuring 1/4 of the length and the width of one-meter fabric. Taking most fabrics in our shop, whose width is 110cm as a example, a Fat 16th is 12.5cm L x 13.75cm W