Little Roundy Purse

Little Roundy Purse

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How I came up with this little purse design was totally led by the YUWA fabrics, especially the sobakasu kids collection, I received last December. For some reason I felt the round shape can frame them the best and match their cuteness the most. Colorful zippers, metallic hardware and vintage buttons are put together with the purse to enhance the funkiness!

Hope you will find this pattern helpful and joyful to sew. Have fun and be creative :-)

Material & Measurement:

Main Fabric: Circle with radius of 2.25”  2 pcs    Lining: Circle with radius of 2.25”  2 pcs 

Main Fabric: Zipper band  6.5” x 1.0”   2 pcs      Lining: Zipper band  6.5” x 1.0”   2 pcs

Main Fabric: Bottom Band  8.0” x 2.0” 1pc         Lining: Bottom Band  8.0” x 2.0” 1PC

Main Fabric: Handle stripe + D ring holder 12.5” x 2” 

Main Fabric: Flap 2.25” x 1.25”                          

Zipper: 8"

D ring: 1/2 " inner width   

Mini Snap Hook ( if you want): 1/2" inner Width x 1 1/8"H


How to make:

1.Template making:

   1/ Draw a circle on a cardboard paper with radius of 2.25”.

   2/ I usually draw a smaller circle with the same centre for me to see better later which part of the fabric I will choose.

   3/ Trim the extra cardboard around the circle and cut out the small circle in the middle.

2.  Cutting: cut all the pieces you need according to the measurements 

3.  Interfacing: Iron interfacing on the wrong side of all the main fabrics. Don’t interface the flap as it will be too thick to turn over

4. Sewing

 A. Zipper Band:

         1/ Layer the zipper band lining right side up, zipper right side up and zipper band main fabric right side down. Hold them together with wonder clip or pins. Sew along the long edge with 1/4” seam allowance. Repeat on the other side of the zipper.

           2/ Fold the fabrics back away from the the zipper, press and topstitch along folded side. The same to the other side. Trim off the extra length of the zipper.

 B. The Flap: fold the flap fabric into half along the short side, right side to right side. Stitch up from one short side and then the long side with 1/4 seam allowance. Turn the little pocket over. Push the corners out and try to have the flap as square as possible. 

  C.  The Stripe for the handle and D ring holder:

       1/ Fold the whole fabric into half along the long side, wrong side to wrong side. Open the fabric and fold the two long sides towards the centre line. And then fold again by the centre line. Press the stripe with iron.

       2/ Now open the ironed stripe again and fold in 1/4” on one of the short sides. Press with iron. Then fold back the stipe as instructed in C1/.

       3/ Topstitch the open side with 1/8 seam allowance to form a long strip.

   D. D ring holder

       1/ Measure 1.5”  along the stripe from the rough side and cut it. This will be the D ring holder.

       2/Fold the holder piece into half and mark the centre, and run it through D ring. The straight bit of the D ring rests on the centre line of the stripe and flap the stripe over. Hold the two layers with wonder clip and stitch them togther 1/2" away from the rough ends to lock the D ring inside. 

E. Sides:

         1/ Match the rough sides of D ring holder you have made at D and the short side of the bottom band. Make sure the holder is in the middle of the bottom band. Baste them together with increased stitches by 1/8 seam allowance.

       2/ Similar to E1/, baste the flap from B on the other short side of the bottom band.

       3/ Match the short side of the bottom band with the short side of the zipper band, right side to right side. Stitch them together with 1/4 seam allowance. Repeat on the other short side the same.

       4/ Cut 2 pieces of bias stripes by 2”x 1.25”each. Bind the two rough ends like bind a quilt.

       5./ Turn the circle band over and press the stitched lines open. Topstitch on both sides.

 F: Body:

         1/ Mark the centre points of the zipper band and the bottom band 

         2/ Fold the 2 round panels into half to find and mark the centre points up and down. 

         3/ Match the two centre points on one round panel with the two central points on the band, right side to right side. Make sure the orientation of the round panel is right before you pin each two points up. And then evenly pin the rest parts of the band and the circle together. Try to use enough pins to sew the curve more easily. Stitch slowly by 1/4 seam allowance, easing the fabric and zipper as you sew. (Here comes a little trick from me. After I pin them, instead of sewing them by 1/4 SAL, I baste roughly this two layers with increased stitch by 1/8 SAL. Remove the pins (remove a lot of pains LOL) and then I start to stitch normal by 1/4 seam allowance. This way the layers turn to be a lot softer to handle and easier to ease the folds while you are sewing.)

      4/ Repeat on the other side of the band. Make sure the zipper is open before you start to sew.

G. Bind the seam inside

     1/ Cut 17” long bias tape.

     2/ Bind as you do with a quilt. Leaving 3” tail, start to bind one side by hand stitching. When you reach the end, join the two ends and trim off the extra. Wrap the tape over the seam and bind the other side by hand.

     3/ Bind the seam on the other side the same way.

 H. Wind the handle stripe

    You can either wind the stripe to a mini snap hook ( you can find both the D ring and hook in the shop ) like what I did for the fashionable cat round purse and then clip it to the D ring or run the stripe straight to the D Ring. They wind the same way. Instruction is as below:

     Measure 1” from the rough side of the stripe you made at D. Run the stripe through the D ring, rest the round side of D ring on the mark and flap the short bit of the stripe over. Hold the two layers and place the other end of the stripe on top. Hand baste a few stitch of the three layers to fix them together. Sew two buttons on both side at the same time to decorate.

 Finished!!! HOORAY …… Congratulation!!

Hope this pattern is clear and easy enough for you to follow. If there is anything unclear or incorrect, please don't hesitate to contact me via 

Also don't forget to show me yours! I am all your eyes and so curious to see :-)

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