Introduction of Japanese quilting masters 1  --                                                                       SANAE KONO こうの早苗さん

Introduction of Japanese quilting masters 1 -- SANAE KONO こうの早苗さん

SANAE KONO is the first Japanese quilt artist I have ever loved. Her work is so elegant and graceful. You can see the european vintage elements in her work which satisfies the romantic imagination towards Europe from Asian people . She presents them so well but in her unique way. Her work never gives people a heavy feeling and the patterns are never too complicated or full of variations but she wins people's hearts by her colour choices and aesthetic sense. She has published numerous quilting bookings. Apart from that, she also published several books about how to make French Fabric boxes and how to sew clothes. They are equally successful. Every year, Yuwa Fabric launches one collection of fabrics designed by her. And they are always one of the most popular among quilting fans. Especially the linens are just divine! She is also a passionate life-lover. she loves roses and she has grown a lot of different spices of roses in her garden.  She has two lovely dogs following her everywhere. In her house, you can spot beauty every single conner of the rooms.