Introduction of Japanese quilting masters 2 -- YOKO SAITO 斉藤謠子

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YOKO SAITO is the most well-known Japanese quilter world-wide.European quilters are not unfamiliar with her because she travelled here quite frequently for exhibitions or lectures. There are several of her books inspired by her visit to Northern Europe, Great Britain and some other places in Europe. 

YOKO started quilting in 1977 following, Nohara Miki, who brought the art and craft of quilting back to Japan from the States. The prosperity of Japanese quilting world is founded that time by him. A lot of the successful quilting masters now were his students, such as Suzuko Koseki, Washizawa Reiko, Atsuko Matsuyoma etc. 

To quilt with pre-dye fabric is YOKO's speciality.  Colourful and bright colours are not her territory. But pale and faded colour schemes are what she is master of. She is specially good at creating moods in her quilts with fabrics of very similar colours.

YOKO founded her own studio and shop in 1985, called Quilt Party. 

YOKO's instagram account @yokosaito_quiltparty



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