Vinyl - Transparent with embossed glazing dots

  • £2.60

Vinyl - Transparent with embossed glazing dots 

Imported from Japan

0.3mm thickness,         width: 90cm

Super quality vinyl with embossed dots of silver colour and transparent. Good for making bags by itself or combining with fabrics. There is a layer of protective film on the smooth side of the vinyl. It needs to be removed before using. 

Dot Size: 1cm 



The price is for 1 piece of 25cm (L) x 45cm (W)

Due to the limitation of the package size, we can only provide the piece, either 25cm x 45cm or 25cm x 90cm. 

If you order more than 2 units, they will be cut every two units. 

Unit 1: 25cm x 45cm

Unit 2: 25cm x 90cm 

Unit 3: 25 cm x 45cm and 25cm x 90cm

Unit 4: 25cm x 90cm and 25cm x 90cm

Color: Transparent with embossed dots 

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