SHOZABURO SHEARS (Right- handed 22CM)

  • £68.00

SHOZABURO SHEARS (Right- handed 22CM)

SHOZABURO shears are very special because of their long history of craftsmanship. The traditional Japanese blade forging method (similar to Samurai swords) blends uniquely the high quality blade steel and the very soft steel. Thus, they can keep their sharpness and are long-lasting. 

To look after your precious shear carefully, 

Try not to drop your shear.

Only cut the material which they are designed for

Maintain them well for life-long use. 

Mr. Shozaburo Tobasami was the first craftman in Japan who applied the unique Japanese blade forging method to western style tailor shears. 

Following the link below to read about his story and how to use and maintain the shears:

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