• £3.89

Wonderful world by Sarah Jane Studio  (Available Sep/Oct. 2020)

The troubles of the world around us are overwhelming. It's easy to lose hope. But when we look closely and see what is immediately around us, we see love. Sarah Jane is motivated by a quote from mother Teresa. "If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other." What a Wonderful World we all live in when each day we choose to love each other. Sarah created this 17 piece collection featuring images of love and hope all over the world.
The price is 1 FQ:  50cm long x 55cm wide
If you order more than one FQ in the same design, you will receive one continuous length of fabric:

1 FQ  = 55cm wide x 50cm long
2 FQs = 110cm wide x 50cm long
3 FQs = 110cm wide x 75cm long
4 FQs = 110cm wide x 100cm long

Color: Orange               100% cotton


This is a PRE-ORDER product. They will be dispatched once the products are available. 


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