Full Bundle ( gifted with Minki's Newest Pouch Pattern)

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IDYLLIC by Minki Kim  (21Skus)

3 Pieces are still on the way to come. Scheduled to arrive by the end of January. If you wish to receive the 18 Pieces first after the payment, please leave a message. Many Thanks!!

Idyllic was inspired by the beautiful gift shops and flower shops of my childhood that I would sometimes visit with just fifty cents in my pocket. Two purchases I distinctly remember are a diary with a keyed lock I bought for myself and a bouque of freesia to surprise my friends. I hope my collection inspires you to create charming gifts and treasures for yourself and your loved ones. By Minki Kim.

The price is 21 FQs (50cm long x 55cm wide)
If your order is more than one FQ in the same design, you will receive one continuous length of fabric:

1 FQ  = 55cm wide x 50cm long
2 FQs = 110cm wide x 50cm long
3 FQs = 110cm wide x 75cm long
4 FQs = 110cm wide x 100cm long

100% cotton

Every Bundle is gifted with one Minki's newest pattern: Patch Box Pouch !!! The pattern is in digital version and will be dispatched when the fabrics are available in the shop. Please make sure to LEAVE your EMAIL!!! Thank you so much



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