8th Full Bundle (£2 for Patch Box Pouch Pattern)

  • £39.00

IDYLLIC by Minki Kim  (21Skus)

3 Pieces are still on the way to come. If you wish to receive the 18 Pieces first after the payment, please leave a message. Many Thanks!!

Idyllic was inspired by the beautiful gift shops and flower shops of my childhood that I would sometimes visit with just fifty cents in my pocket. Two purchases I distinctly remember are a diary with a keyed lock I bought for myself and a bouque of freesia to surprise my friends. I hope my collection inspires you to create charming gifts and treasures for yourself and your loved ones. By Minki Kim.
The price is 21 FQs (50cm long x 55cm wide)
If your order is more than one FQ in the same design, you will receive one continuous length of fabric:

1 FQ  = 55cm wide x 50cm long
2 FQs = 110cm wide x 50cm long
3 FQs = 110cm wide x 75cm long
4 FQs = 110cm wide x 100cm long

100% cotton

With £2 more, you can have Minki's NEWEST pattern " Patch Box Pouch"

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