Cohana Kokeshi Doll Pincushion -- Yellow

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Cohana Kokeshi Doll Pincushion -- Yellow
The "Kokeshi doll case" is made by mixing the okappa head, which is also a feature of Tsugaru kokeshi dolls, with bright colors. A palm-sized kokeshi doll with a cute innocent look. The inside is a pincushion, and contains three needles from Meboso Hachirobei Shoten. A magnet is attached to the bottom so that the needle can be picked up. Put it in your room and carry it with you. Gently snuggle up to your needlework.
Kokeshi doll
Height: 90mm Diameter: 30mm Weight: 19g
Sewing needle <Sannoji> Length: 36.4 x Thickness: 0.71 (mm)

Handling precautions

  • Kokeshi dolls are made from natural wood, so there are differences in color and grain. In addition, as the years go by, the white bark gradually changes to a lighter color. Please enjoy as a texture
  • Facial expressions are hand-painted by craftsmen, so there are individual differences.
  • It may fade if exposed to direct sunlight or strong lighting for a long time.
  • The surface is coated (lacquered), but if you polish it with wet hands or a cloth, the color may fade. Polish with a dry cloth when cleaning.
  • The joint may not close or loosen due to changes in humidity and temperature. Please close and store.
  • Please use it away from personal computers, mobile phones, electronic devices, etc. that are affected by magnetism.
  • Do not use the needle for anything other than sewing.
  • The needle tip is sharp and dangerous, so be careful not to lose or handle the needle.
  • After use, wipe off sweat and grease to prevent rust.
  • Be careful not to let the needle get stuck in the pincushion.
  • This product is for needle holders only. Do not use it for anything else.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.

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