Miki's dolly Pins-6

Miki's dolly Pins-6

  • £15.00

Miki Ono is a professionally trained Japanese artist with multi talents. She draws amazing illustrations, makes cute paper mache dolls and creates beautiful sewing notions.

She lives romantically with her husband, two dogs and a cat in a little village along coastline in Japan. She runs workshop teaching people arts and crafts in her little inn.

This delicate, cute and pretty doll is unique one from another. Purely made and painted by hand. Even though they are small but not short of details, from the various hair styles and colors to the embroidery on the their dresses, from their cute tiny shoes to the little beads sewed on their clothes. 

Size: little doll: approx. 2cm (w) x 2.5(H)  the full pin is 6cm long.

Quantity: 1 Pin

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