Iron-on/Stick-on Patch-- Alice in Wonderland

  • £5.50

The embroidered patch can be ironed on or used as stickers

1/There is a layer of glue at the back for the patch, which makes it possible to stick on various kinds of surface, wood, plastic, paper, etc.

2/ Iron-on option: 

  * Make sure the fabric you will iron the patch on can take hight heat (150ºC - 160ºC).

  * Remove the negative plastic sheet from the patch. Place the patch at the place you desire and put a layer of fabric on the top. Then iron the patch over the top fabric by 150ºC - 160ºC for 30 seconds

  * Turn over and iron the other side for 60 seconds.

If the patch can still be easily removed, please repeat the step 2-3  one or two more times until it is fixed on the place.

Quantity: 2PCs

Size: Little rabbit:  2" (H) x 1.5"(W) (5cm x 6cm)

         Little Alice: 2.5"(H) x 3.25"(W) (7cm x 8cm)

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