Cohana Needle (heavy weight)

  • £9.50

"Meboso Needles" has a history of more than 430 years, and has been loved by seamstresses in Kanazawa.

The most unique characteristic of the "Meboso Needles" is its ability to pierce with little contact with the fabric, made possible because of its vertically polished surface. By adding an extra touch to these delicate needles, they have been made to smoothly slide through the fabric. The needle was an important work tool for these seamstresses, and it is said that they cherished their needles by enveloping them in hand-sewn bags or placing them in a container which hung from their necks, so that they wouldn't get lost. Their story has inspired us to place extra consideration into choosing a packaging for these needles. We decided to use containers created by Aichi Shikan Seizosho, a company which has produced many paper tube spools. We then attached tassels, made with manufacturer Kanagawa's silk and gold threads.



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